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Directorate General of Health Services
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Import & Registration

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1 Minutes of meeting of CDSCO with stakeholders for obtaining Import License without Registration Certificate for Radiopharmaceuticals held on 12.04.19 2019-Apr-12 464 KB
2 Recall of OZURDEX (Dexamethasone Intravitreal Implant 0.7mg) 2018-Oct-17 516KB
3 Import Drugs60 2018-Feb-09 372kb
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1 Appointment of Grievances Redressal Officer at ZonalSub-Zonal offices of CDSCO 2020-Mar-06 95 KB
S.no Title Release Date Download Pdf Pdf Size
1 Clarification regarding import of non-drug / lab kits shipments related to clinical trial / clinical research purposes. 2022-Jul-07 341 KB
2 Special Condition under which the permission for import of drug with residual shelf life less than 60% is allowed 2022-May-06 78 KB
3 Timelines for activities requiring minor and major procedures for cargo clearances at port offices of CDSCO 2021-Sep-10 1097 KB
4 Notice regarding documents required for the Import 2020-Sep-17 516 KB
5 Submmission of notarized/apostilled documents for import and Registration of drugs in view of COVID 19 2020-Apr-15 284 KB
6 Submission and processing of application for Registration Certificate and import License in parallel with New Drug application 2020-Feb-26 333 KB
7 Implementation of PGA e-SANCHIT - Paperless Processing under SWIFT-Uploading of Licenses/Permits/Certificates/Other Authorizations (LPCOs) by PGAs 2020-Jan-07 2252 KB
8 Notice regarding Monitoring the end use of drugs which are meant for dual use 2019-Oct-18 352 KB
9 Simplified auto-registration of beneficiaries (IEC holders) on ICEGATE for e-SANCHIT and other benefits 2019-Jun-25 2365 KB
10 Implementation of PGA e-SANCHIT - Paperless Processing under SWIFT-Uploading of Licenses PermitsCertificatesOther Authorizations (LPCOs) by Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) 2019-Jun-14 2172 KB
11 Details of IECGSTN code of all the beneficiaries (Stakeholders Importers Exporters Customs House Brokers)-Reg 2019-Jun-11 475 KB
12 Implementation of PGA e-SANCHIT - Paperless Processing under SWIFT-Uploading of LicensesPermitsCertificatesOther Authorizations (LPCOs) by PGAs 2019-Jan-29 1004 KB
13 Notice regarding export NOC with respect to shipping Bills from the Port offices 2018-Mar-23 332KB
14 Public Notice regarding Restriction on Import manufacture, sale and distribution of Oxytocin to curb its misuse 2018-Feb-27 572KB
15 rc & form 10 checklist 2018-Feb-23 170kb
16 Order regarding transfer of the Deputy Drug Controllers in CDSCO 2018-Feb-22 365KB
17 Office Memorandum regarding Drugs Inspector's transfers in CDSCO 2018-Feb-20 346KB
18 Notice regarding Meeting of CDSCO with manufacturers of Oxytocin Formulation to discuss issue ralted to misuse of Oxytocin 2018-Feb-16 302KB
19 Office Memorandum regarding Rotational Transfer of CDSCO 2018-Jan-24 1.23MB
20 Notice for filling of application for Clinical Trial, Marketing Authorization, Registration Certificate and Import License for r-DNA Derived Drugs in SUGAM Portal 2018-Jan-15 338KB
21 Office order regarding Import of Drugs by a Government Hospitals & Autonomus Medical Instituations under Form 11A 2018-Jan-02 205kb
22 NOTICE regarding Adhering to Rule 28 and 28A of Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules 1945 2017-Sep-28 257KB
23 NOTICE regarding Strict regulatory control over manufacture, sale and distribution of oxytocin and to curb its misuse 2017-Sep-22 586KB
24 NOTICE regading List of Private drugs testing approved in form 37 of schedule A of drugs and Cosmetics Act 1945 in the country 2017-Sep-11 947KB
25 NOTICE regading suggestions/comments of the stakeholders including manufacturers/marketers of HPMC capsules 2017-Sep-05 257KB
26 NOTICE to all State Drugs Controller 2017-Aug-09 325KB
27 NOTICE to all Drugs Manufacturers and Pharmaceuticals Association 2017-Aug-09 311KB
28 NOTICE - regardingLaunch of export NOC module under SUGAM Portal 2017-Jul-26 316KB
29 NOTICE - regarding meeting of the stakeholders for feedback on new modules in SUGAM 2017-Jul-12 372kb
30 NOTICE - Stickering of Pharmaceuticals as per Act and Rules relating to Goods & Service Tax (GST) 2017-Jul-10 418KB
31 Notice Order regarding draft classification of Medical Devices and IVDs 2017-Jun-29 1.83MB
32 Notice Order regarding Oseltamivir and Zanamivir 2017-Jun-22 1.14MB
33 Order regarding import of Radio-pharmaceuticals 2017-May-01 1.98MB
34 Order regarding radiopharmaceuticals 2017-Apr-28 818KB
35 Notice regarding creation of databases of drug manufacturing facilities and approved drug formulation of SUGAM portal 2017-Apr-03 386KB
36 Pubic Notice Notice regarding Public Consulatation Regarding Regulation of Sale of Drugs in the Country 2017-Mar-16 429KB
37 Office Memorandum Radiopharmaceutical Products/Radio-Immuno Assay for (in vivo or in vitro) diagnostic use 2017-Feb-20 291KB
38 Notice regarding Ease of doing Business relating to export of Drugs 2017-Feb-06 305KB
39 Notice for Import of Radiopharmaceutical Products dated 03.01.2017 2017-Jan-06 29.4KB
40 Notice for Import of Radiopharmaceutical Products 2016-Dec-29 50.7kb
41 Notice 26.12.2016 2016-Dec-26 1.20MB
42 Public Notice 2016-Dec-08 2.21MB
43 Notice dated 09.05.2016 regarding Sugam Online Medical Devices 2016-May-09 264KB
44 Notice Track and Trace for Pharmaceutical Drug consignment 2016-Mar-07 150KB
45 Notice Regarding Online Portal Sugam 2016-Feb-18 714KB
46 Clearance of Import and Export Consignments at Ports/Airports/Others Points 2015-Dec-29 310KB
47 Notice 2015-Feb-16 194KB
48 Circular 2015-Feb-03 291KB
49 Office Memorandum 2014-Mar-28 415KB
50 Office Order 2014-Feb-21 304KB
51 Delegation of the Powers- Import of Small Quantities of Drugs for Personal Use 2014-Feb-12 462KB
52 Notice-dated 13.12.2012: DRUG ALERT 2012-Dec-13 378KB
53 Clarification-dated 12.11.12: Directions issued under Section 33P of D & C Act 1940. 2012-Nov-12 1,070KB
54 Notice-dated 01.10.2012 : Extension of implementations of GSR No. 426(E) dt 19.05.2010 2012-Oct-01 101KB
S.no Title Release Date Download Pdf Pdf Size
1 List of Bulk Drug Registered from 2007-july 2009 2018-Feb-09 202kb